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1st September 2018

Why should I choose AirLockup compared to a standard Self Storage company?

If you are relocating to a smaller or shared room to save on rent, chances are you are looking for a place to keep your extra things.  This could meaning in spending upto £100 a month on a storage unit just outside the town, and even more if you are looking for over a month.  With self-storage companies locking its customer’s to contracts it can be a costly experience.

AirLockup is redefining the Self-Storage Industry by providing a cutting-edge solution in the form of a new peer-to-peer network.  Giving you a better alternative to storage and a better use of spare space then companies such as AirBNB.


For renters, a peer-to-peer storage platform solves a lot of problems.

In addition to accessibility, AirLockup offers renters the flexibility of time and size as well as security.

There are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount of time that a renter and host must agree to and spaces range from small closets that can store a few boxes to a large lot that stores an entire house.

Storing things at home also removes the risk of theft that renters assume when they use storage spaces.

“AirLockup redefines the self-storage industry by reducing the cost of self storage to it’s users.  With no contract, or minimum tie in and the wider selection of hosts makes AirLockup a better alternative to Self-Stoprage.”

“For renters, AirLockup provides a better way of earning money then AirBNB, as your space is let for longer and once the goods are stored, you earn money for doing nothing.”

So what are you waiting for? AirLockup is the new, affordable way of Self-Storage.  With 24/7 customer support we can provide you with the help and support you need every step of the way.

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